Lobo Stadium
Longview, Texas
Friday, November 2nd, 1973
District 14-4A
Ricky Watts
Run (Miss PAT)
Tyler Lee
Robert Stringer
Field Goal
Mike Mock
Run (Two Points)
Bobby Hunter
Run (Miss PAT)
First Downs
Rushing Yards
Passing Yards
LONGVIEW - Same song, third verse.

Just like "Old Man River," Longview just kept right on rolling along Friday night in Lobo Stadium.

The Lobos struck the same notes that they've been playing all season, a well-balanced offense and rugged defense, to slap Tyler Lee's Raiders down, 20 to 3, before a crowd of 6,500 fans on homecoming night for the Lobos.

It was homecoming for the Lobos. However, the Lobo fans apparently did not bring their "school spirit" to the stadium. There is more noise made in school libraries than at the stadium. What is really wrong with Lobo fans? Longview's Lobos are 7-1-0 for the season and 4-1-0 in district play. The Lobo players, managers and coaches work overtime each week in making ready for the opponents. But there was very little excitement from the fans. Why? Longview fans should attend a White Oak football game. The fans there have that old school spirit. The only time Lobo fans really showed a little spirit Friday night came following Tyler Lee's field goal. It came when the public announcer announced the score wrong "Lee 3 and Lobos 0." Several hundred Lobo fans came to their feet and looked up the press box.

Longview will be playing host to Texarkana's Tigers Friday night and the Lobo players need your support. Tyler Lee's small crowd Friday night made more than Longview high's student section, which played dead Friday night. Why? Lack of school pride for one thing. Second, the adult do not show enough of spirit. Just what is school spirit? Attend a White Oak football game and you can see for yourself.

Tailback Mike Mock, one of the finest running backs in Texas - and maybe the USA, rushed for 105 yards on 26 carries for a 4.0 yards per carry average and scored one touchdown. His longest gainer against the Raiders was for 25 yards. mock completed two of two passes for 40 yards and his longest passes was for 32 yard to split end Scott Cole. Mock punted there times for 106 yards for a 35.3 yards average. He returned two kickoffs for 32 yards. Mock also scored a two-point conversion.

Equally brilliant was Mock's running mate, fullback Danny Majors. Blacksmith-strong Majors had 19 carries for 96 yards for a 5.0 yards average. Majors' longest run covered 22 yards. Majors' key blocking for Mock was again very impressive. The talented senior athlete played an excellent game on defense for the Lobos at backer.

The Lobos had 50 rushing plays for a net of 226 yards.

Tyler Lee had only 35 rushing plays for a net of 61 yards. Tyler completed one of two passes for 26 yards. Tyler had a total of 87 yards for the contest. Tyler Lee made only four first downs and the Lobos had 18.

Longview finished the game with 226 yards rushing and 40 passing for a net of 266 yards.

"I thought our blocking and tackling looked the best in some time," says coach Clint Humphreys. We made a few mistakes running the ball but we were able to overcome them."

"After looking at the film I believe (Mike) Mock had a better game against Tyler Lee than Nacogdoches one week ago," he noted. "That 80 yard drive showed me we can move the ball and Mock and Majors did a great job."

Lobo coaches were very impressed with offensive guard Jackie James and right tackle Reggie Reese. "They opened the holes many, many time for the backs," the Lobo boss said.

Other Lobos that received a pat-on-the-back were linebacker Mitch Motley, safety Mike Boyd, defensive end Gary Atkins, center Danny Gresham, let tackle James Stephens, right tackle John Glover, corner back Scott Cole and linebacker Larry Williams.

Longview's first touchdown of the night came with 3:41 left in the first quarter when wingback Ricky Watts took a pitchout from quarterback Steve Gaddis and went seven yards for the touchdown. Mike Mock's kick failed. The ball sailed to the right of the crossbars. The drove covered 53 yards six plays. The Lobos took over at their own 47 yard line after Robert Stringer had punted the ball on fourth down from Tyler's 18 yard line. John Fuller took the pigskin at Longview's 40 and returned it to the 47 yard line.

With 6:18 on the clock, the Lobos went to work. It was tailback Mock and fullback Majors in the drive. Mock had carries of nine, 25 and three yards. Majors carried twice on trips of seven and two. Ricky Watts made the las trip for the seven yard run and the touchdown.

Tyler Lee took over the ball with 8:35 on the clock in the second quarter at their own 45 yard line following a Mike Mock punt from the Lobo 14 yard line. On the 11th play the Raiders elected to go for a field goal from the Lobo four yard line. Robert Stringer booted a 21 yard field goal to put the Raiders on the scoreboard with 3:24 on the clock. A big play in the drive was a 26 yard pass caught by Carl R. from quarterback Rick Cape.

With 6:08 left in the third quarter, the Raiders attempted another field goal. This time Stringer's kick was from the Lobo 35 yard line. The ball fell short of the crossbars.

Longview took over the ball with 6:05 left in the third chapter and marched 80 yards to score. It was a great drive by some fine running on the part of fullback Danny Majors and tailback Mock. Also some fine blocking by the offensive linemen. Mock had 13 caries for 59 yards in the drive while Majors had 21 yards in five tries. Majors' key blocking opened the way for Mock on many, many of his carries.

The Lobos had gotten the ball to the nine yard line to end the third quarter of action. On second and six from the nine, Mock carried to the seven. Mock again pushed his way to the six. It was fourth and three needed for a first down when Mock took a pitchout form quarterback Gaddis and went around the left side of the field to the three for the first down. This was one of four fourth down plays the Lobos made in the drive. Mock went into the end zone on the next play over left tackle for the touchdown with 10:30 left in the fourth quarter. Mock ran the ball over for the two point conversion to give the Lobos a 14 to 3 lead. The drive covered 18 plays and 80 yards.

Longview's final touchdown of the night was set up when linebacker Larry Williams recovered a Lee fumble at the Lobo 25 yard line with 5:10 left in the game.

Mock became quarterback in the drive. On the first carry he plowed up the middle to the 34 for a gain of eight. Llewellyn Fambles carried to the 38 for four yards and a first down. Mock went to the air on the next play and found tight end Joe Alford open at the 44 yard line of Lee for an eight yard gain. Mock carried to the 40 for a first down. From the Lobo 49, Mock passed to split end Scott Cole to the 19 yard line of Lee for a gain of 32 yards. Mock carried twice on runs of five and three yards before Gaddis came back into the game at quarterback and handed the ball off to Mock, who went to the six yard line for a gain of five. Mock pushed his way to the five on the second play and on third down and five, tailback Bobby Hunter took a pitchout from Gaddis and went into the end zone for a touchdown.

Gaddis' pass for the two pointer failed. However, with 2:49 left in the game the Lobos led, 20 to 3.