Lobo Stadium
Longview, Texas
Friday, October 13th, 1972
District 14-4A
Mike Mock
Interception Return
Mike Mock
Field Goal
John Tyler
Earl Campbell
Run (Miss PAT)
Larry Wilkins
Larry Wilkins
Run (Two Points)
John Tyler
Earl Campbell
Run (Miss PAT)
First Downs
Rushing Yards
Passing Yards
LONGVIEW - The floor of Lobo Stadium was no place for the faint of heart Friday night as Longview and John Tyler went to war before 5,000 plus screaming customers.

Longview won, of course, 25 to 12, but the Lobos shed blood for it.

Longview is the only team remaining in the district undefeated with a perfect 5-0-0 mark. However, Tyler Lee and Texarkana are 4-1-0. Longview and Tyler Lee are tied for the District 14-AAAA lead with 2-0-0 marks each. John Tyler, Texarkana, Lufkin and Palestine are all 1-1 in loop action. Nacogdoches and Marshall are 0-2-0 each in district play.

The Lobos of Coach Clint Humphreys, played great on offense and superior on defense. The Lobos were out sized but not out hustled here Friday night. It was the kind of game the fans and Lobo players enjoyed.

Fullback Larry Wilkins, 185-pound senior, who also plays middle linebacker for the Lobos, had himself a night - even if it was Friday night, the 13th. It was unlucky for the Lions of John Tyler.

Wilkins, who is being highly recruited by college scouts, scored twice for the Lobos on runs of 66 and 29 yard.s He logged the ball 14 times for 125 yards for a 9.0 yards average.

Quarterback Mike Mock, who also plays strongish linebacker for the Lobos, scored one Lobo touchdown on a 20-yard pass interception return and also kicked a 47-yard field goal. Mock also kicked two extra points against the Lions.

Now back to the grand ole Lobo defensive unit. This defensive unit isn't the largest bunch of boys to have played for a Lobo team but they are one of the most hustling and blocking group of boys in years. Boys that should be given a big-pat-on-the back include Cecil Walton, Jerry Dancer, Calvin Portley, Chuck Boyd, Danny Majors, Larry Wilkins, Mike Mock, Willie Brooks, John Morrow, Mark McDaniel and Larry Harkless.

The Lobos went to the dressing room at halftime leading 7 to 0 on the pass interception by Mike Mock for a Lobo touchdown and the extra point by Mock. Longview had made six first downs and John Tyler only had one one first down. The Lions own 42 yard line was as far as they marched on the Lobos during the first half of action. The Lions had 49 yards rushing and the Lobos 100.

Longview won the flip-of-a-coin contest in midfield and elected to receive. Mike Biggs kicked off and Calvin Portley took the kickoff at the Lobo 17 and returned to the Lobo 42 and the Lobos went to work with quarterback Cecil Walton calling the signals.

The Lobos marched 57 yards in 11 plays to the one yard line. However, on the 12th play of the drive the Tyler defensive unit held the Lobos at the one yard line on a fourth down play. Quarterback Walton had runs of 12, 5 and 12 yards in the drive. The Lobos started the drive with 10:58 on the clock and when the Lobos were stopped at the one the clock read, 6:03 left in the first quarter.

John Tyler took over at the one yard line with quarterback Andy Cuca calling the signals. The Lions were able to move the ball to the five yard line on two plays. So on third and six, Cuca punted the ball. Larry Harkless caught the punt at the Tyler 34 and returned to the 32 with 5:14 left in the first quarter.

Longview as stopped on third down and needed six for a first at the Tyler 28. So Mike Mock attempted a field goal. The ball was placed at the 37 yard line and the ole pigskin sailed wide to the right of the crossbars with 3:38 left in the first chapter.

Tyler once again took over at the 20 yard line. But the Lions couldn't move the ball and Cuca punted on fourth down from his 26. The ball rolled out of bounds at the Lobo 46. With 1:39 left in the first period, the Lobos went to work. On the first play, John Tyler was issued a five yard penalty for offsides. So the Lobos moved to the 29 of Tyler. Walton and Harkless carried to the Tyler 43 for a first down. Then on the next play fullback Harkless fumbled the ball at the Tyler 39 and was recovered by Tyler's Mark Conwat to stop Longview's drive with four seconds remaining on the clock.

Tyler took over and four plays later Cuca punted the ball and the Lobos took over at their own 24 yard line with 10:48 left in the second chapter. Fullback Larry Wilkins entered the game for the first time on offense. He carried the ball on runs of 3, 3, 6 and 1 yards. Three plays later on fourth down and five needed for a first, Mock punted from his own 41. The ball was caught by Alford Lee at the Tyler 23 with 7:37 left on the clock.

Tyler took over at the 23 and on the first play running back Billy Taylor carried to the 29 and then quarterback Cuca on a keeper went to the 36 yard line. It marked the first first down of the night for the Lions with 7:01 left in the second quarter. Four plays later Cuca punted for the Lions and Chuck Boyd called for a fair catch at the Lobo 27.

Longview took over at the 27 and on fourth down Mock punted the ball back to the Lions from own his 35. With 3:09 left on the clock, the Lions took over at their own five yard line.

On the first play from the five running back Taylor dashed around the end to the 13. Then on the next play, quarterback Cuca went to the air. Well, Friday the 13th was unlucky for Cuca. His pas was picked off by linebacker Mike Mock at the Tyler 20 and the talented athlete returned the ball for a touchdown with 2:26 left in the second quarter. Mock kicked the extra point and the Lobos had a 7 to 0 lead.

Mock kicked off to the Lions to start the third quarter of action. On the third play at the Lobo 24 quarterback Cuca fumbled the ball and the Lobos' Willie Brooks recovered the ball with 10:37 on the clock. Four plays later, from the Tyler 25, the Lobo coaches elected to go for a field goal. Mike Mock kicked a 47 yard field goal to five the Lobos a 10 to 0 lead with 8:33 left in the third quarter.

Mock kicked off to John Tyler and the Lions took over at their own 32 yard line. Five plays later halfback Earl Campbell went 37 yards up the middle for a Tyler touchdown with 4:31 left on the clock. Cuba's run for the two point conversion failed. However, the Lobos continued to lead in the game, to 10 6.

Mike Johnson kicked off to the Lobos and Calvin Portley took the ball at the eight and returned to the 34 of the Lobos. He nearly went all the way but a Lion came in to make a timely tackle. With 4:24 on the clock, the Lobos took over at the 34. On the first play fullback Wilkins went over left guard and broke away from two would be tacklers and sailed 66 yards for a Lobo touchdown. His run took only 13 seconds to go the 66 yards. Mock kicked the extra point, 17 to 6, with 4:11 to go in the third quarter.

With 10:34 left in the fourth quarter the Lobos took over the ball once again after fielding a Tyler punt at the John Tyler 29 yard line. On first play fullback Wilkins went to the left side of the line and went the distance for another Lobo touchdown. Walton hit Charles Chumley for the two-point conversion, 25 to 6, wit 10:26 left in the contest.

Just prior to Longview taking over at the Tyler 29 yard line, the Lions had the ball at their own six. The ball was punted to the six by Mock from the Tyler 33. At the six yard line, Tyler's Taylor made it to the eight. On the next play, quarterback Cuca carried to the 13. However, on the next play, it was unlucky for Taylor as linebacker Danny Majors and end Larry Harkless put on a big rush to catch Taylor behind the line for a minus 10 back to the three. So on fourth and 13 for a first, Cuca punted the ball. Chuck Boyd called for a fair catch and the Lobo took over at the 29 of Tyler with 10:34 left on the clock.

Mock kicked off to the Lions following the touchdown. Floyd Lee took the ball at the Tyler seven and raced down the sideline to the Lobo 29 before he was grounded by the Lobos' Jerry Dancer. It appeared Lee was headed for the goal line but Dancer came through with a shoe string tackle. Three plays later halfback Campbell scored for Tyler from 26 yards out. Donnie Jones' run for the two-point conversion failed. However, with 9:21 left in the game, the Lobos had the lead; 25 to 12.

Mike Johnson kicked off to the Lobos and Calvin Portley took the ball at the 14 and returned to the Tyler 47. Portly nearly went the distance for a touchdown but was grounded by a Lion. However, a personal foul was charged against the Lions and the ball was moved to the John Tyler 32 yard line with 9:13 left on the clock. Two plays later quarterback Walton fumbled the ball at the Tyler 33 and was recovered by Robert Young of Tyler with 8:30 on the clock.

John Tyler took over at their own 33 and started moving down the field. A total of 14 plays later the Lions were stopped at the Lobo five yard line on a fourth down play with 4:25 left in the game.

The Lobos took over at the five and on fourth down and nine, Mock punted the ball downfield to the Tyler 49.

The Lions started moving the ball again. However, Longview's Jerry Dancer put the cap on the bottle six plays later when he intercepted Cuca's pass at the Lobo four yard line with 1:40 left in the game. Longview ran six plays and the clock ran out of time and Longview had a 25 to 12 victory.