Lobo Stadium
Longview, Texas
Saturday, October 5th, 1968
District 13-4A
Roland Whitehurst
Ray Wright
Billy Price
Run (Miss PAT)
Larry Meeks
Interception Return (Miss PAT)
Ralph Blount
Field Goal
Sid Sistrunk
Bobby Bobo
Run (Miss PAT)
First Downs
Rushing Yards
Passing Yards
LONGVIEW - Certainly, the Longview Lobos have one of the finest Class AAAA teams anywhere around these parts. And if they don't, you could never convince the Lobo fans here Saturday night at Lobo Stadium.

The Lobos came onto the field impressively. They look big, tough, and fast and they are.

The Lobo crew dumped Tyler Emmett Scott, 42-0, for their fourth straight victory and third straight District 13-AAAA win and there are undoubtedly more wins to come.

Sporting a trio of sturdy backs - tailback Billy Price, fullback Ray Wright and wing back Sid Sistrunk - a good size offensive line to gain running room for them, the Lobos moved well through the Bulldogs.

The Lobos struck for touchdown in every quarter except the third to roar past the Bulldogs, who have won only one game this fall. This single victory was a 26-0 victory over Longview Womack in a non-league contest.

Scott's frustrated football team learned Saturday it doesn't pay to get mixed up with a swarm of prize-winning Lobos. Shoot, a guy can get trampled in the rush.

Like a giant vacuum cleaner, Longview sucked up every opportunity offered in the first half and went to the dressing room with a 29-0 lead. The third quarter was scoreless and the Lobos made a few errors that stopped their drives.

The Lobos controlled the ball in the first half with 13 first downs and Scott had only two. In the ground game, the Lobos compiled 170 yards and 79 in the air for a total of 240 yards. Tyler had 26 yards rushing and three in the wet air for a combined total of 29 yards. Longview attempted eight passes and completed only one and the Lobos intercepted three of quarterback Billy Jones' passes. Tyler punted five times for an average of 33.6. Quarterback Roland Whitehurst punted three times for a 38.3 average.

The game officials must be given a pat-on-the-back for a grand job. It was the kind of game that both teams showed good sportsmanship.

Coach Tommy Hudspeth used so many players that many of the Lobos' names were not even on the program. With five minutes and 44 seconds left before halftime Coach Hudspeth replaced starting quarterback Roland Whitehurst for junior field general Ronald Cubulka. When Cibulka took over the Lobos had a 26-0 lead. Cibulka guided the Lobos to the Tyler 17 and Ralph Blount booted a 35-yard field goal to give the Longview team a 29-0 lead with 2:54 remaining in the second period.

That Lobo defensive unit played themselves a great ball game. They held Scott to only seven first downs and made only 93 yards rushing and 63 in the air for 156 yards. The first Lobo defensive unit did not play the entire contest. They were on the sideline most of the fourth period.

The Lobos, who use quarterbacks Roland Whitehurst, Ronald Cibulka, Mike Northcutt and Blackshear Jameson had 250 net yards rushing and 97 passing for a grand total of 347 yards.

Coach Elgin Conner, who is in charge of the defensive backs, can be real proud of his boys. The Lobos intercepted five passes and defensive safety Mark Hill intercepted two. Larry Meeks, Eddie Koon and Phil Atkins all had single interceptions. It was a great night for these boys.

Tailback Billy Price carried the ball 12 times for 69 net yards and Jimmy Hill (reserve halfback) carried six times for 66 yards. Fullback Ray Wright toted the wet ball 10 times for 58 yards.

The defensive united gave an excellent account of themselves. They were Bob Gilchrist, Larry Bagley, Larry Shanks, Robert Robe, Larry Meeks, Phil Atkins, Billy Medlin, Mark Friend, Eddie Koon, Mark Hill and Alton Coley.

The Lobos took the kickoff from the foot of Gregory Whitmill. Alton Coley took the ball on the 17 and returned to the 36. Tailback Price carried to the 42 for a gain of six and then fullback Ray Wright went to the 44 of right tackle. Then quarterback Whitehurst, on a fumble, lost back to the 40 and ht ball was recovered by Price. So on fourth down, Whitehurst punted the ball down field.

Tyler took over on their own 18. Halfback Otis Russell carried twice for two yards. On third down, Marc Smith punted and the ball was officially placed at Scott's 46.

The Lobos took on in good field position. On the 46 Price, on a draw play, went to the 40 before he was grounded by a host of Bulldogs. Whitehurst on a keeper went around his right end to the 35.

On the next play from the 35, the Bulldogs were issued a five yard penalty. Then from the 30 fullback Ray Wright plowed up the middle to the 20 for a gain of 10 and the ball bounced from his arms and Marc Smith recovered the ball for Tyler to stop Longview's drive.

After two exchanges of the ball, the Lobos took over after fielding a Tyler punt on the Lobo 42 yard line.

Quarterback Whitehurst called his Lobos together and warned them about fumbling the wet pigskin. Tailback Price on the first try was stopped for a loss of one. Then Whitehurst took the snap from center Walter Bennett and sailed the ball into the arms of weak side end Ralph Blount to the 42 of Scott for a gain of 17.

The Lobo fans came to their feet for a stretch and gave the Lobos a big yell. Then Price went to the left side to the 33 for a gain of nine. Then Whitehurst sailed off right guard to the 29 for a first down. Whitehurst saw daylight at the right side of the field and set sail to the goal line for a 29 yard touchdown with one minute and 49 seconds left. Whtehurst twisted and turned his speed on and not one single Bulldog made a tackle. Blount's kicks as good as Mark Hill held, 7-0.

Blount kicked off and the ball went out of bounds. So Longview was given a five-yard penalty. So kicking specialist Blount had to boot the ball over. This time the ball went into the arms of left halfback Otis Russell on the 11 and returned to the 29.

Three plays later halfback Burnwell Crowder fumbled the pigskin and scrap off linebacker Billy Medlin recovered the ball for Longview at the Tyler 39-yard line to set up another Longview touchdown.

Quarterback Whitehurst passed to wingback Sid Sistrunk to the 13 for a gainer of 26 yards. Then fullback Ray Wright went off left tackle to the four for a gain of nine. The buzzer sounded to end the first quarter of play.

From the four Wright worked his way through left guard for the touchdown with 11 minutes and 56 seconds to go in the second chapter. Blount's kick was good and the Lobos had a 14-0 lead.

The Lobo third touchdown was set up when defensive safety Mark Hill intercepted a pass from Tyler's Bill Jones at the 46 of Tyler and returned to the Smith 45.

Five plays later tailback Billy Price went through right guard from the four line for the touchdown with six minutes and 17 seconds remaining in the second period to give Longview a 20-0 lead. Blount's kick went to the left of the upright.

Blount kicked off and Melvin Waits took the ball on the two and returned to the 24. Two plays later quarterback Jones' pass was intercepted by blood end Larry Meeks and the talented athlete rushed down the right sideline in to the end zone for a Lobo touchdown with five minutes and 57 seconds left before halftime. Blount's kick failed and the ball went to the right of the crossbars. However, Longview had a 26-0 lead.

Blount again used his golden toe and sailed the ball into the arms of Larry Sirles at the nine and returned to the 14 before a host of Lobos nailed the box closed.

Quarterback Jones from the 14 of Tyler went to the air on the firs play and his ball was intercepted y defensive halfback Eddie Koon on the Lobo 47 for no return.

Coach Hudspeth pulled quarterback Whitehurst for junior quarterback Cibulka. Cibulka took the Lobos to the 27 before Ralph Blount was called upon for a 35-yard field goal. The ball was placed at the 25 and holder Mark Hill placed the ball on the tee and Blount's toe sailed the ball through the cross-bars to give Longview a 29-0 halftime lead. With two minutes and 54 seconds remaining, the Lobo fans were feeling like Arkansas fans in Fort Worth as the Porkers beat TCU in a thrilling contest.

With less than two minutes to go in the third period the Lobos took over on the Smith 34 yard line. Price on the first try went to the 22 for a gain of 12. Then on the next play the Lobos were issued a 15-yard penalty and placed the ball back at the Tyler 36.

Whitehurst on a carry went to the 23 and then on the next play Whitehurst was pushed back to the 30. Coach Hudspeth sent Mark Hill to quarterback. About this time the buzzer sounded ending the third period.

Quartebrack Hill on the fourth play from the eight-yard line passed to wingback Sistrunk. Hill was hit as went to pass and Sistrunk caught the ball and was hit so hard by a host of Bulldogs that he bounced the ball in the air and then caught it. Sistrunk from about the four just jumped over not the end zone over several Bulldogs for the touchdown with 10 minutes and 10 seconds left in the fourth period. Blount's kick was good and the Lobos had a 36-0 lead.

Quarterback Blackshear Jameson guided the Lobos to their final touchdown drive of the night as tailback Bobby Bobo scored from three yards out with three minutes and one second left in the game. Jimmy Hill's extra point kick failed. The ball hit the goal post.

The final touchdown was set up when quarterback Whitehurst punted from the Smith 37-yard line on fourth down and the Lobos needing 16 for a first. The ball was dropped by Henry Williams and recovered by bloody end Larry Meeks at the three yard line.

The Lobos will be in Texarkana on Saturday night for a giant battle with the Tigers in a 7:30 p.m. contest. This will be must "victory" for the Lobos.