Tiger Stadium at Grim Park
Texarkana, Texas
Friday, November 3rd, 1967
District 8-4A
Rodney Hill
Gene Portley
Rodney Hill
Ray Wright
Ralph Blount
Donnie Carroll
First Downs
Rushing Yards
Passing Yards
TEXARKANA - Coach Watty Myers of Texarkana knows how General George Custer felt at the Battle of Little Bighorn. He, too, witness a massacre only he lived through it. And you get the feeling that he wished he hadn't.

Happiness is smiting Texarkana's Tigers before a hometown crowd. That's just what Longview's Lobos did to the Tigers here Friday night before an estimated 5,000 chilled fans. more than 3,000 fans were here from Longview to back the Lobos. Actually the victory was even more decisive than the 42-0 score or the statistics indicated.

Tiger-slaying may be the theme of the past as far as most folks are concerned but Longview proved it is still a mighty popular sport.

The Lobos just did all kings of slaying as they slashed and sliced their way into another District 8-AAAA victory.

The Lobos defeated the Tigers in Longview last year 28-13. Longview now has a 10 game winning streak that dates back to the November 4 game in Longview last year with the Tigers. Longview's other win last year was over Lufkin. This year's Lobos have now won eight straight football games and are only two steps away from winning the district championship.

Who is No. 1? It's Longivew and smile when you say that.

The Longview football team, as tough as cowboy's boots on a tenderfoot, outplayed Texarkana Friday night. The Tigers were never in the contest and were truly outclassed by Coach Tommy Hudspeth's ball club.

Like the man said, "Only three things happen when you pass - and two of them are bad."

Texarkana's Tigers got the message Friday night. The Tigers, trying hard to bomb their way over the Lobos, ran into more snags than a pair of last year's nylons on a fat lady and wound up on the short end of the scoreboard. The Lobos intercepted three passes and also recovered two Tiger fumbles.

The Lobos did so much scoring in the first and second quarters until several hundred Texarkana fans did not stay for the halftime show or even for the second half of playing. The Lobos led 35-0 at halftime.

Coach Hudspeth used so many Lobos until the first unit nearly lost their job in the second half. Quarterback Steve Judy only ran one play in the second half and that was in the third quarter. His backup man, Roy Carver, took over and guided the Lobos to only one touchdown in the second half.

Death, taxes and defense. Those are the things you can bet your last trading stamp on Longview's Lobos did that here Friday night and gave the Tigers the worst beating they have received all year.

A guy named Judy put a tank in Longview's Lobos.

It was quarterback Steve Judy who propelled the Lobos to a very important district victory. Judy attempted 11 passes and completed seven for 161 yards and he passed for three touchdowns in the first half. His first touchdown pass was to tailback Rodney Hill for 17 yards; halfback Gene Portley caught a 54-yard touchdown pass and end Ralph Blount landed a 11-yard pass in the end zone for a touchdown. He also engineered two other touchdowns for the Lobos when Rodney Hill scored on a two-yard run and fullback Ray Wright went nine yards for a touchdown. All this scoring was recorded in the first half.

Take time out dear souls and think back when a Longview team has been this good. It was in 1947 the Lobos here defeated Texarkana 9-0 and went on to win the district championship outright. The 1947 team is the last time a Longview ball club has won the championship outright.

Some of the old experts here Friday night cannot recall when a Lobo team posted such a big score on coach Watty Myers' ball club. It was the kind of victory the Lobo fans will enjoy for a long time.

Quarterback Judy who is a great candidate for all state honors, looked the finest Friday night as he has shown all season. He didn't have time during the first two quarters to even carry water to his teammates, but he did just about everything else. This lad is one of the finest quarterbacks in Longview's football history.

The weatherman didn't help matters here Friday night as a cold norther hit Texarkana early today and at kickoff time the temperature was 45 degrees, and at halftime it was much colder. But Longview's band and Viewettes turned in one of the finest halftime shows and stole the spotlight from the Tiger band.

Longview in the first half ran a total of 34 plays and Texarkana had 29. With 23 seconds on the clock before halftime, the Tigers finally crossed the midfield strip into Longview's territory at the 47 yard line. Three plays later Texarkana was at the Longview 38. The Tigers never again made it to the 38-yard line during the entire contest.

The Lobos ran eight rushing plays the first quarter to score 14 points and ran 15 in the second quarter for 21 points. Lobos passed 11 times in the first half by Judy and completed seven.

Texarkana had 12 rushing plays in the first quarter and only seven in the second chapter for a total of 19 rushing plays. Quarterback Mike Stevens of Texarkana attempted 10 passes and completed two in the first half. The Tigers ran a total of 29 plays in all but only got to the Lobo 38 as the clock ran out at the end of the second quarter of play.

Defensive halfback Johnny Vaughn of Longview intercepted a pass from quarterback Mike Stevens on the 31 of Texarkana and rushed back to the 29 to set up Longview's first touchdown.

With 11:15 on the clock in the first quarter, quarterback Steve Judy called the meeting to order. Tailback Rodney Hill went to the 17 and Judy was stopped for no gain on the second try. Then the ace field general sailed a pass into the air to Rodney Hill for a 17 yard touchdown. Hill caught the pass around the 15 and did a little jitterbugging to speed away from a couple of tacklers and into the end zone for a touchdown. Ralph Blount kicked the extra point to give Longview a 7-0 lead. The Tigers had won the toss and elected to receive. It was third down with 11 needed for a first down when Longview's Vaughan intercepted the pass form Stevens.

Longview's second chance to score failed when Judy's pass was intercepted in the end zone from 10 yards out. Longview had gotten the ball when David Sellers went back to punt on his 22-yard line. Defensive end Chal Barnwell blocked a punt and fullback Dennis Landreaux picked the ball up and tried to run but Barnwell made a shoestring tackle at the fullback and stopped him at the 14 yard line of Texarkana. The Lobos took over and three plays later Judy's pass was intercepted.

Quarterback Stevens fumbled the ball on the Texarkana 34-yard line and a host of Lobos recovered the ball. Five plays later fullback Ray Wright fumbled the ball at the 12 of Texarkana and the Tigers recovered the ball with 4:14 to go in the first quarter.

After Wright had fumbled the ball, the Tigers took over on the 12. The Tigers were forced to punt on fourth down from their 15. The ball dead on the Lobo 45 yard line.

With only 2:25 on the clock in the first quarter, the Lobos used only two plays to score as Judy sailed a pass into the arms of Gene Portley for a touchdown that covered 54 yards. Portley's pass and run play was very impressive and showed a lot of ability from the talented athlete. Ralph Blount added the extra point to give the Lobos a 14-0 lead with 1:28 remaining on the clock in the first period.

The Lobos scored three times in the second quarter. Rodney Hill went over the left quarter front two yards out for the touchdown with 9:30 on the clock. Blount's educated toe added another extra point to give the Lobos a 21-0 lead. The touchdown drive was guarded on the Longview 47 yard line. It took only eight plays for Judy and company to score.

Johnny Vaughan intercepted his second pass of the night when he stole a ball out of the air from quarterback Stevens at the 47-yard line of Texarkana. Four plays later bull back Ray Wright scored the touchdown from 9 yards out to make it 27-0. Blount again added the extra point to make it 28-0. The big gained in the drive was a 24 yard pass from Judy to Hill.

The Lobos started another touchdown drive from their own 36-yard line with 2:27 to go before halftime. Six plays later Judy went to the air and hit end Ralph Blount in the end zone with an 11 yard pass for a touchdown with only 39 seconds left on the clock. Blount again tacked on the extra point.

Tailback Donnie Carroll put on his jet speed again printed 60 yards for the Lobo final touchdown in the third quarter with 5:38 left on the clock. Blount again was called upon to kick the extra point to make it 42-0.

Carroll's run was from the Lobo 40-yard line on the first play from scrimmage after the Lobos had fielded a punt from the toe of Sellers.

The victory was a big team effort and all must be given a pat on the back for a grand jobs But boys like Chal Barnwell, Larry Gregg, Larry Shanks, Richard Mophus, Mike Massey, Keith Bishop, Johnny Vaugh, Jimmy Parker, Mark Hill, Kenny Kimbrough, and a great host of others played their finest football game of the '67 season.

A lot of credit must be given to the offensive unit for an excellent job - boys like Ralph Blount, Mike Elder, Dale Sisk, David Cox, Ronny Bussey, David Wallers, Joe Miller, Steve Judy, Rodney Hill, Ray Wright and Sid Sistrunk.

The Lobos will meet John Tyler in Longview on November 10th for their 9th game of the season. Tickets to the game will go on sale Monday morning at the Longview School Business Office. Fans desiring tickets are urged to buy early because only a limited amount of reserved tickets are available.