Maverick Stadium
Marshall, Texas
Friday, October 28th, 1966
District 8-4A
Keith Parker
Field Goal
Scotty Furrh
Haslett Rutledge
Pass (Miss PAT)
Steve Judy
Kickoff Return (Miss PAT)
First Downs
Rushing Yards
Passing Yards
MARSHALL - "Horses is 'bout the only game that gives point for coming close," many an old philosopher has pointed out.

Marshall High, beginning to look like their pre-season ratings, broke loose of two touchdowns to defeat the Longview Lobos, 13 to 9, here Friday night in Mavericks' new improved stadium before the largest crowd of the year. Officials estimated the crowd at 7,000 plus. All reserved tickets for this game had been sold by Thursday of this week. Fans were lined around the stadium.

The victory was number two in District 8-AAAA for the Mavericks of Coach Ralph Brooks. The Marshall club is now 6-1 for the season. Longview is 1-1 in loop play and 3-3-1 for the season.

Longview will meet Texarkana's Tigers on Friday night, Nov 4, in Lobo Stadium in a district contest. Tickets to this game will go on sale at the Longview School Business Office Monday morning.

Marshall, who finished with a 9-1 record in 1965 losing only to the Tigers of Texarkana, appear now to be in the driver's seat for the district crown.

Through the first quarter, neither team dropped any hints as to how things would end, but Marshall's all-state candidate quarterback Mike Beane, 181-pound senior, knew very well all the time.

His pitching was the best seen since the World Series and the Mavericks wound up looking extremely crisp at the right time during the contest. Beane sailed a nine yard pass into the arms of tackle Haslett Rutledge in the third quarter to give the Marshall team a 13-3 lead with 3:24 left on the clock. Bill Foster's kick for extra point sailed to the left of the cross bars.

Quarterback Steve Judy had three of his passes intercepted by the tough Mavericks that stopped the Lobos' marches at costly times.

Marshall's Bart Graves kicked off to the Lobos and deep back Ronnie Bagley took the ball on the 18 and returned to the 34 before he was grounded.

From the 34, the Lobos appeared ready to move the ball. On the first try tailback David Majors sailed off right tackle to the 36. Then Judy on a keeper went to the 41. And on the third play Judy hit wingback Rodney Hill at the left side of the line for a 10 yard pass and a first down.

On the 49 yard line of Marshall, the Lobos made only three yards on one array by Hill up the middle of the line. The next two plays saw Judy's passes go over the heads of the receivers. On fourth down and needing seven for a first, punter Cecil Newton booted the ball down field and was caught by Scotty Furrh at the 38.

The Marshall club used three plays and made only five yards and on fourth down Furrh punted the ball out and the pigskin rolled to the 28 yard line of Longview when the Lobos took over.

On the second play Judy's pass was intercepted by defensive end Larry Cloninger in the end zone with 6:32 left in the first quarter.

Quarterback Beane gave his Mavericks a pass play and he quickly put the Mavericks on the 38 yard line when Furrh caught the ball for an 18 yard gain.

However, four plays later Furrh was forced to punt and the ball was taken by Hill on the 25 and before the talented back could make a step was snowed by a host of blockers. The officials called a personal foul on the Mavericks and moved the ball to the Lobo 31 yard line.

The Lobos took over on the 31 yard line and moved the ball at will against the Mavericks. Within eight plays the Lobos were on the 30 yard line of Marshall. Judy gave the Lobos a 12-yard gain once when he faked to pass and took the ball through the middle of the line to the 45-yard line.

On the 30 yard line, Majors pushed his way to the 27 yard line before he was tackled. Then Judy sailed a bullet into the arms of Hill to the 23. On the next play Judy on a keeper plowed through the line with the help of fullback Joe Griffin leading the way to the 20 yard line.

On the 20, Hill was snowed by a host of blockers for a loss of five back to the 25. On the next play, the Lobos were charged with a 15 yard penalty and the ball was placed back at the 40 yard line. With second down and needing 30 for a first, Judy passed to fullback Larry Gregg to the 33 for a gain of 13. Then Judy on the next play lost eight yards back to the 41. With fourth down and needing 25, Newton punted the ball down field. The ball rolled out of bounds at the 24 yard line.

Two plays later quarterback Beane went to the air lanes and his pass was intercepted by John Watson of Longview on the Maverick 35 yard line.

With 8:41 left in the second quarter, the Lobos were in good field position to score.

Mr. Judy carried 6, 3, and 6 yards to the 20 yard line for a first down. On the next two plays, Judy carried for eight yards to the 12 yard line. Then Gregg carried to the 11 yard line. It was fourth down and the Lobos requested to the officials that the yard chains be brought out. It was about six to eight inches needed for a first down. Judy on a keeper sailed around the right side of the line and was stopped for no gain. This was a very key play in the contest for the Lobos. If the Lobos had made the first, they most likely would have scored. But again, the Lobo offensive machine ran out of steam. The Mavericks took over on the 11 yard line.

On the first play Beane on a keeper went to the 12. A 15 yard penalty was charged against the Lobos and the ball was placed at the 31 yard line.

Three plays later Beane's pass was intercepted by Ronnie Bagley on the 27 yard line.

With 4:05 left, the Lobos were again in field position to score.

Majors on the first try carried to the 25. Then Judy took over and pushed the ball to the 13 yard line.

Four plays later, the Lobos were on the 11 yard line. This time kicking specialist Keith Parker came in and booted a 21 yard field goal to give the Longview team a 3-0 lead. It took the Lobos six plays and they covered 27 yards. With 2:13 left, the Lobos were on top of the world.

Ralph Blount kicked off to the Mavericks and Cloninger took the ball on the eight and returned to the 22 yard line.

On the third play tailback Scotty Furrh took over like he had been shot form a jet gun down the left side of the field for a 53 yard run before Ronnie Bagley and John Watson ran him out of bounds at the 16 yard line.

From the 16, Beane sailed a pass into the arms of halfback Don Wilson at the left side of the field for a 12 yard gain to the four. Three plays later from the one Furrh jumped over the right guard into the end zone for the touchdown with 30 seconds left in the second half. The drive covered 78 yards in seven plays and three first downs. Bill Foster's kick was good for the extra point and Marshall led, 7-3.

The Lobos ran 35 plays and the Marshall team compiled only 19 during the first and second quarter. Longview had 27 rushing and eight passing plays. Marshall recorded 12 rushing and seven passing.

Marshall's final touchdown came in the third quarter on a nine yard pass to Haslett Rutledge in the end zone with 3:24 left on the clock.

The Mavericks took over on the Marshall 44 yard line after fielding a punt from the foot of Newton.

On fourth down Furrh punted the ball down field and Rodney Hill fumbled the ball. The ball rolled to the left of Hill and Jack Murph recovered the ball on the 16 yard line.

On the second play, Beane passed to Furrh at the left side of the field for a gain of five to the 11. On the next play, Beane carried to the nine yard. It was fourth down and three needing a first. So Marshall called timeout. Coach Brooks thens end the winning play in. Beane stepped back after taking the snap from center and sailed the short pass over right guard to tackle Rutledge for the winning touchdown. Foster's kick sailed to the left of the crossbars.

Marshall's Graves kicked off to the Lobos and Steve Judy took ball on the 23 and before the Mavericks could look up, the talented ball carrier had sailed past the 50-yard line and then onto the goal line for a touchdown untouched. The ace field general covered 77 yards on the run. With 3:10 left on the clock in the third period, Longview faked an extra point kick and allowed Judy to pass for the two point conversion. However, this failed as Judy was rushed by Dennis Watson to stop the pass.